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Under Pressure

During this episode of Religience we join with Jordan Thompson to learn a little about SCUBA diving, its history, dangers and why Jordan loves it. We also discuss a little bit about pressure, why it is important to keep breathing (from a SCUBA diving standpoint of course...), and how you can get started SCUBA diving. I hope you enjoy the inverview.

Image obtained from Pixabay.

If you are interested in listening to the Flat Earth interview podcast discussed in the introduction to this episode you can visit:

I don't remember if the host used a lot of foul language, so if he did I appologize! I stumbled across it wanting to learn more what those who think the Earth is Flat have for their reasoning. I obviously disagree with the conclusions discussed by the interviewee in this podcast, but I will take occasion to discuss why in this and in upcoming episodes.


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