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"The Copernican Revolution: Planetary Astronomy in the Development of Western Thought"

by Thomas Kuhn

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This book helps understand the roots of the battle between religion and science. The christian churches of the day had extrapolated thier understanding of the Bible and theology to include much of Greek thought as put for by Aristotle and Plato. But these were endangered when Copernicus and others who were studying planetary motion discovered that the Earth was not at the center of God's creations.



Steven Gardner is a Business Owner, an IT Professional, a Science Teacher, and a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As this site and the podcast attest, he is also an aspiring podcaster. He loves learning new things and experiencing new things. Perhaps this is why he has his fingers in so many pies. He just can’t decide what he wants to be when he grows up, so instead he has chosen not to decide and to just try it all.

Steve has studied many things and has Associate’s degrees in Electronics Engineering Technology and Computer Systems Technology, and a Bachelor’s degree in Physics Education with a Spanish Education minor. He probably would have continued studying formally if he hadn’t run out of money and time to pursue it.

Steve was a missionary in the Dominican Republic for two years. During the time he spent there he learned to love. He learned that people are all children of God, no matter their culture, race, or language, political beliefs, or even if they do what God has asked. He learned that Church best fulfills its purpose when it is a hospital for the suffering, rather than a place where pious people commiserate or where you get to pat the back of those you agree with. It was during this time that he realized just how imperfect he was, and that he needed the mercy of his Savior just as much as those he was preaching the Gospel to.

Steve is married to the love of his life, Monica. Together they have been blessed with two wonderful and unpredictable boys. Steve has continued to learn how to love. It was when these boys came into Steven and Monica's lives that real education began. To Steve, being a husband and a father has been the greatest adventure of his life, and his best educational experience. This education continues to the present day and is a source of much inspiration and growth along with many trials. Steve has learned that learning and trials cannot be separated. You can acquire learning from books and teachers but understanding comes through experience; and experience is always intertwined with struggle.

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