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Heat rises. Or does it?

A lesson is learned aboard a broken spacecraft. When everything goes wrong all the conditions are right to learn just how heat rises, or doesn't rise.

This retelling of the Apollo 13 mission will allow you to learn something you possibly didn't know about how God's creations work.

Listen to the Season 2 Episode 2 Here:

The image here is one taken by one of the Apollo 13 Astronauts. Jim Lovell stated in numerous interviews that we went to the moon, but what we really discovered is the Earth!

If you want to send your guesses at the mystery sounds used as segment breaks in this episode go to the home page to send me a message!

To learn more about the topic of this podcast you can check out these resources:

- (The entire document of everything that happened on the flight! A great resource!

Information about the Saturn V Rocket.

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